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The Jackson 4 serves as a vessel to project my passions, and thoughts about God's plan for me and you.

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By Faith We Understand

My motto the last five years or so (or, more accurately, God’s motto for me) has been “be uncomfortable.” There’s a lot that has caused...

United Church

I have been thinking about unity in the Church lately, both the capital-C Church and the local church. I think a lot of that is because...

Worship Through Service

So recently our church Arise had a day of service. We go out as a church community and serve our community of Fenton, Missouri. We have...

R&R Rest, and Restoration

How many of us get enough sleep? How many of us get enough rest? This is something that I struggle with. I stay pretty “busy” At least...

Why Old Testament?

Do you tend to avoid reading or thinking about the Old Testament? Maybe you wonder if this part of the Bible even applies to us anymore....

Ministry Together

In September of 2020, my wife and I helped plant Arise Church, and it’s suffice to say that we are pretty involved in the life of the...

Dolly The Dodge

Yay! Everything worked out! I should be happy! Right? Any of my close friends will tell you how much I struggle with financial anxiety....

Lent Season

Have you ever seen ashes on someone’s foreheads and wondered what was going on? Growing up I thought it was so strange, and kind of just...

Authentic Community

I remember growing up, going to church on Sundays, then going to Sunday school, and (later when I was in middle school and high school)...

What is Justice?

As an African American I often think about justice, and what that means to me. I think about what it means to my children. I think about...

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